Pre-registering for the event makes the on-site registration process much quicker. We also send you details and a full company list before the event But, most importantly, it also ensures that your resume is available for recruiters to view before and after the event.

Recruiters approach job fairs with different goals. Although there have been individuals hired at job fairs, recruiters are primarily screening candidates for more formal interviews. Candidates should look at job fairs as a first interview -- be prepared to discuss experience and answer general questions. Bring your "A" game.

Most candidates prepare for a job fair just like a job interview. Business casual is acceptable for most recruiters. Remember, you want to make a good first impression.

Preparation is one of the most important things when it comes to attending job fairs. Employers will see hundreds of applicants during the course of the day, and if you are not prepared and do not meet the minimum expectations, you will be discounted quickly.

Much like a television commercial, prepare a brief, 30-second introduction of yourself to give to employers. Include:

  • Your name
  • Your career status
  • What type(s) of position(s) you are seeking
  • Why you chose their company (this is where your research comes in)

Because a final list is usually not determined until days before the event, the list of companies attending is not published until 1 week prior.

It is recommended that candidates bring at least 15 resumes to the job fair. If you pre-register, a copy of your resume will be available for all participating companies to view before and after the event.

Respect the privacy of other job seekers who are speaking with recruiters. Do not interrupt unless you are invited to do so by the recruiter. Make eye contact and listen attentively. Be confident, and shake hands firmly. Ask questions about the company to maximize your time spent at the Job Fair. Don't just use it as a time to hand out as many resumes as possible. Take the time to do your own screening of companies.

Gather business cards from everyone you speak with so that you can follow up with a thank-you letter after the fair. In addition, ask the recruiters in attendance for the name of the hiring manager in the department you are interested in. Take a few moments to take notes about the recruiters and companies you spoke with.


We notify candidates through e-mail, online advertising, print advertising and invitations.

Markets vary regarding the number of candidates that attend job fairs based on demographics and population. On average, we have between 200-600 experienced candidates attending our events.

The typical candidate is a professional with 2 to 8 years of industry experience. Most candidates are actively seeking a job.

Companies that participate in our job fairs will have access to resumes of all the candidates the day of the event for the next 30 days. A dedicated website and password is distributed to each company at the event.

Yes, electric and internet connectivity is available, and the order needs to be placed before the event. Participating companies will receive a checklist approximately two weeks before the event date with information on ordering electric and internet service.

Yes, we offer many different multi-event packages that are designed to provide cost savings to companies. For more information on packages, contact us. 702-269-1414

A 5" x 8" ad in the program guide is included with participation. For the ad to be included in the program guide, the artwork must be received no later than 5 p.m. PST on Wednesday the week before the date of the event.