12 Best Recruitment Websites to Post Jobs and Hire Great Candidates

Published: Dec 4th, 2023

Finding good talent is no easy task. Many employers struggle to connect with and capture the attention of qualified candidates. But hiring right can be a time-wasting, money-draining thicket. You post, review resumes, and weed through hundreds of applicants who don’t fit the description at all.

Worse, hire incorrectly and you haven’t just wasted time and money for your company. You’ve also wasted opportunity — the chance to hire the perfect candidate and move in the direction of your goals.

Don’t worry. There are several great recruitment websites out there, and most of them have added eye-popping new features in the past few years. See our list of the best recruitment websites in the world below.

The Best Recruitment Websites

Recruiters need to leverage multiple channels to find top talent. Right here, you’ll find the best recruiting websites to post a job, interview, generate applications and referrals, and even distribute your outreach across hundreds of other websites.

1. JobFairX: Screen, interview, and hire with one easy platform

JobFairX pricing

We admit we’re a little biased, but we put the JobFairX virtual job fair platform in first place for the best recruitment websites for a good reason. JobFairX delivers thousands of virtual targeted job fairs every year to help you find, screen, and interview the best candidates fast, including veterans, healthcare workers, diverse, and entry-level candidates.

JobFairX hosts virtual job fairs linked to 120+ locations across the U.S. This is an astounding job board that skips the “job search black hole” of submitting resumes electronically, then hearing crickets, in favor of putting job candidates directly in touch with key decision-makers and hiring managers.

Over 3,000 start-ups, accredited universities, and Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. trust JobFairX with their hiring events.

How it works

JobFairX does the heavy lifting to bring qualified applicants to your job fair. Then the platform lets you chat and interview via video, voice, and text. You can also scan and store candidate resumes, recruiting notes, and recorded interview videos, from a single, seamless platform.


JobFairX pricing

2. Indeed: Huge site with impressive reach

Indeed for employers is one of the most common recruiting websites, offering plenty of perks for employers on the hunt. Indeed has a huge file of 100 million resumes and an audience of 200 million monthly users. They claim that 65% of all new hires that are made online come through their platform.

indeed homepage

You can post a job on Indeed with their free forever plan, then get more attention by sponsoring job ads. (Sponsoring comes with a price, but delivers five times more clicks.

How it works

With Indeed, you pay based on how many people click your job ad. Recruiters set their budget and the maximum amount they want to pay.

Aside from posting jobs, you can search for candidates with their Indeed Resume feature. It lets you search 8.5 million resumes instantly, with a 57% average response rate, filtering by education and experience level. You can then proactively reach out to candidates. Likewise, recruiters can create company profiles with reviews and branding for interested candidates to learn more. This is one of the best recruitment websites to handle all your hiring needs.


Anyone can post jobs on Indeed for free. Promoting a job starts at $5 a day, and pricing for full hiring campaigns is quote-based.

3. Glassdoor: Best job posting site for hiring skilled positions

Most people know Glassdoor as a job review site where applicants can research companies and get honest reviews from past or present employees. Research shows that 83% of job seekers check reviews before deciding to apply.

Glassdoor homepage

Glassdoor for employers

For employers, Glassdoor is a great place to find skilled talent. It’s one of the best recruitment websites because of its range of useful features:

  • Company and brand spotlight. Showcase your company and your talent search with a unique profile on Glassdoor. Interested candidates can see all open roles, reviews, company updates, testimonials, and more.
  • Review. Employers can request reviews from employees and respond to existing reviews. The useful Review Intelligence feature collects data on reviews to identify trends like the departments with the highest satisfaction scores.
  • Advertising. You can run ads on Glassdoor to promote your openings to highly engaged job seekers. The more you promote your company's brand as an employer, the more applicants you’ll attract.

Plans and pricing

With Glassdoor branding’s freemium tier, companies can create a profile and request reviews. If you want more, Glassdoor’s Standard and Select plan lets you enhance your profile with a featured review that best highlights your culture. These paid tiers also give your profile a ‘Why Work With Us’ section where you can expand on your brand story.

4. Google for Jobs: Best online job site you didn’t know about

Google has its own phenomenal job search and top recruiting website that millions of job seekers use to find jobs. When a job seeker does a Google search for “engineering jobs” or “data scientist jobs near me,” Google returns a vast list of matches, accessed by clicking the big blue bar in the search results.

Google for jobs

Once job seekers click through, they’ll see thousands of jobs that match their search, and they can set up alerts and filters and apply right on Google.

How it works

Google for Jobs is one of the best job sites that most hiring teams don’t use correctly. Employers can’t list jobs directly on Google for Jobs. That’s because Google scrapes postings from other sites like Monster and Indeed. But — for a more direct connection to job seekers, you can integrate your own website’s career page with Google.

To integrate your site with Google, You’ll need html access to your careers page. If you have that, you can then add structured data to your page, creating a much higher chance job seekers will see your opening. Google has instructions for that here.


Google for jobs is free.

5. Craigslist: Excellent value and tremendous reach

Craigslist for jobs? Yes, you read that right. Craigslist was founded in 1996 as a classified ads website with sections devoted to pretty much everything and every state and town. But it actually has a robust jobs section where over one million job listings are posted each day. That makes it one of the world’s most popular and best job boards in the U.S.

craigslist jobs

How it works

If you look at the Craigslist for employers site you’ll see it’s very barebones. There’s no filtering feature to help you narrow down your candidate search, and if you get stuck, you won’t find a support team ready to help you, but that’s by design.


Because it’s so simple, Craigslist for jobs is much more affordable than most other options. Posting a job ranges between $10 and $75.

Thanks to its affordability, Craigslist is one of the best recruitment websites for smaller companies. It’s best suited for hourly or entry-level jobs though — executive roles are rarely posted here. And while self-motivated hiring managers can get a lot out of it, you’ll have to kiss more frogs on Craigslist before you find a prince.

6. LinkedIn: Powerful recruitment platform

LinkedIn is the top job site and social media platform for professionals. The site has nearly 800 million users in more than 200 countries. More than 122 million job seekers have landed interviews through the platform. Plus, 36 million users have been hired by a connection they made on the site. LinkedIn is a great place to find both college grad job candidates and CEOs looking for their next opportunity.

Linkedin Jobs

LinkedIn Hiring offers a range of features for recruiters like smart search filters, in-app messaging, and application tracking tools.

How it works

Employers can quickly create job postings to share with their networks, then use LinkedIn’s robust matching feature to find the best candidates for a role. You can rate employees from within the platform, and manage your entire job search in one place.

The platform also makes it easy for employees to share your job postings with their networks. You can pay to promote a job through emails, across LinkedIn user feeds, and with mobile push notifications. (Promoting your job posting can bring in three times more applicants.)

When candidates start to apply, you can manage everything using LinkedIn’s dedicated applicant tracking tools. You can filter, sort, and rate applicants, which helps LinkedIn’s algorithm learn about the kind of employee you’re looking for and match you with better job candidates. This is among the best recruitment websites to improve your talent acquisition over time.


You can post jobs for free on LinkedIn, but additional features like promotions and tracking come with a daily budget that you set yourself.

7. Monster: A good alternative to Indeed

Monster for employers is another recruiting website like Indeed. Founded in 1999, they’ve become a household name for job seekers and employers alike. They compete with Indeed and Glassdoor, who partner to help employers make their brands more visible. To differentiate their offering, Monster provides deep insights into candidates.

Monster homepage

How it works

Monster lets employers access 14.7 million monthly users through their SearchMonster feature. SearchMonster ranks candidates based on your criteria. You don’t have to wait for candidates to apply to find out if they’re a good fit. You can view the candidates you’re matched with and chat with them directly on the platform.

Much like other recruiting websites, Monster offers a dashboard to keep track of applicants and manage recruiting campaigns, plus insights on how to improve your search efficiency.

Plans and pricing

You can get started with Monster through a four-day trial. Paid plans range from $279 to $649 per month. If you don’t want a monthly plan, they offer several pay-as-you-go options.

8. Snagajob: Best hiring website for hourly workers

Snagajob is the go-to recruiting website to find hourly employees. It’s one of the best recruitment websites because it lets you access millions of qualified job seekers who are actively looking for jobs. It lets you tap into the largest pool of hourly workers in the U.S.

Snagajob homepage

Similar to Monster, Snagajob’s matching technology connects relevant candidates to recruiters as soon as they post a job. This lets employers actively reach out to candidates instead of waiting for the right ones to apply.

Useful features

Snagajob can help you find hourly workers, but they’ve also created a Shifts platform to help you cover shifts when employees call in sick. Just send open shifts to current employees, teams in nearby locations, and even trusted alumni on Snagajob — all in less than a minute.

Snagajob offers a full suite of tools that businesses can use to find employees and also manage their day-to-day operations more effectively. You can post jobs, create a custom careers site, review applications, screen candidates, and even schedule interviews.


The Snagajob platform starts at $89 per month with upgrades between $150-$250 per month.

9. ZipRecruiter: Access hundreds of job boards

ZipRecruiter is the best recruitment website for larger companies. Their competitive advantage starts with broadening your hiring reach.

Ziprecruiter homepage

When you’re on the hunt for talent, it’s a pain to have to copy-paste your postings from one job posting website to another, then collect applications from all the different hiring sites you use. With ZipRecruiter, larger companies can find candidates on over 100 job posting websites — all in one place.

How it works

On ZipRecruiter, recruiters create job postings and distribute them across 100 different sites and 25 million monthly active users. Then the online job board scans thousands of resumes and identifies perfect-fit candidates, delivering an efficiency-boosting list of relevant candidates you can review and invite to apply and interview.

The more you use ZipRecruiter’s AI-driven smart matching technology, the smarter it gets. That useful learning feature makes ZipRecrutier a great tool for large companies that have robust hiring processes.


ZipRecruiter is more expensive than other recruiting websites. Plans start at $299 per month (with a free trial) and are mostly custom-written after that.

10. Facebook: Target ads to reach specific demographics

Facebook is one of the world's largest social media networks. Although it’s not primarily a job hiring site, its massive base of over 1.5 billion users puts it squarely on the list of best recruitment websites. Its Facebook for employers platform delivers robust targeting features that make it easy to get your job openings in front of relevant audiences.

Facebook jobs

How it works

You can create a job post directly on Facebook, then share it as a status update on your company's Facebook business page. You can also boost the post so more of the right candidates see it.

If you’re comfortable using Facebook's Ads Manager, you can build custom ads targeting specific job seekers. While the ads are running, encourage existing employees to share them with their network. This puts your ads in front of more best-fit candidates. You can then filter applications, mark favorites, review, and schedule interviews.

Plans and pricing

The cost of using Facebook’s advertising tools is much lower than the cost of traditional recruiting platforms. The average cost-per-click is around $1 according to Adespresso, experts in Facebook advertising. This low price for highly targeted candidates makes Facebook an attractive channel for recruiters to consider.

11. Scouted: Job matching platform using AI technology

Scouted is a job hiring platform that uses AI to help match candidates with employers. Job seekers start by creating a comprehensive profile. Based on their provided info, Scouted’s AI matches them with relevant job positions.

Scouted homepage

Employers can organize video calls or set up standardized video interviews to pre-screen applicants in your own timeframe. Scouted also provides diagnostics and tips to make the hiring process more efficient.

Plans and Pricing

Scouted has an interesting pricing model. It’s free to post roles and interview candidates. But when you hire, you pay 20% of the role’s first-year salary. With an up-front retainer of $5000, employers can limit their cost to 15% for up to three hires. There’s also a custom-priced subscription model for enterprise companies.

12. AngelList: Top job posting site for startup and tech roles

AngelList bills itself as “the job board for startups.” Their platform gives you access to their community of 3.2 million job seekers who are specifically developers, designers, and marketers.

AngelList homepage

Plans and Pricing

Like many recruiting websites, AngelList’s pricing has a free model. There’s also a Pro tier that costs $250 per month and custom pricing through the Team plan. Their Pro subscription comes with a seven-day free trial. Whichever plan you choose, you’ll be able to:

  • Post jobs and promote them
  • Process inbound applicants
  • Embed job posts on your website
  • Integrate your applicant tracking system
  • Create a company profile
  • Gain valuable insights into your hiring process

Higher-tier plans let you post more jobs and manage larger pools of applicants, along with other expanded features.


As you upgrade, you’ll gain advanced sourcing features that speed up your search.

When candidates use AngelList's job board to research startups and look for jobs, the Source feature will present you with good-fit applicants who are just starting their search. You can then reach out to them before they start actively applying. For startups that desperately need top talent, AngelList can offer a significant edge.

Tips for using recruitment websites to find the best candidates

There are so many available job hiring sites to choose from. Here are four tips on how to use the best recruitment websites to find top candidates.

Write a clear job description

Indeed found that 65% of job postings were revised within one year. That implies that most job descriptions don’t work the first time around.

For a more efficient posting, only include must-haves and special requirements for the job. Outline the benefits and perks, explain whether it’s remote or in-person, add a bit about your culture, and include a note on compensation. Then ask an employee with the same or similar position to review it. Taking these steps will make your descriptions clearer.

Choose specialist job search sites

Some job board sites cater to service jobs, while others focus on knowledge workers or executive employees. Before you go with one of the best recruitment websites on this list, search for a niche job board like Execunet (for C-level hires) or Stack Overflow (to search for software developers). There are niche sites for dozens of different skill sets.

Post the job on multiple job listing websites (especially free ones)

There are so many different recruitment websites that it doesn’t make sense to limit yourself to just one. A good recruiting strategy will publish job openings across several of the top job boards. And when many are free or offer free trials, broadening your reach is easy.

Consider paying to promote your job listing

Many of the recruiting websites above know that some openings need to be filled urgently. So — many let you pay to promote your opening. Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn all have pay-to-play features that can get your job posting in front of more of the right kinds of job seekers faster.

However, if you pay to sponsor a job ad, make sure the promotion won’t compete against the same ad you published on another recruitment site. For example, if you’re using ZipRecruiter to promote a posting, it may be redundant to also promote on Indeed. Make sure you aren’t double paying.


The list of 12 great job boards and recruiting websites above will help you start the search for your next employee off right. The best recruitment websites like JobFairX can help you meet the most qualified applicants face to face, fast. Meanwhile, online job boards like Indeed and Monster make it easy to sort and sift through resumes from millions of job seekers.

Take care to keep track of how many hires come from your platform of choice. You can’t improve what you don’t measure, and measuring can help you evaluate and optimize your job search process.