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Save up to 90% of your time on manual recruiting tasks including scanning resumes, pre-screening talent, and confirming candidate interviews with JobFairX.

Candidates are automatically qualified based on your screener questions. Those who qualify can request interviews with your team. You'll have the final say, reviewing resumes and accepting or rejecting candidates.

Built for effective virtual interviewing

JobFairX offers a seamless virtual interview experience for employers and candidates with no apps to download or links to manage.

Preview resumes, take notes, and log candidate disposition data, all within JobFairX.

Your event performance all-in-one place.

Access a comprehensive overview of your event data, including the number of interviews conducted, notes taken, and interview disposition data. With an all-in-one solution, you not only save costs but also gain visibility into every aspect of your event.

Have confidence your event will be well attended

JobFairx promotes your events for you, to the right people, so you can focus on hosting great events.

job postings

40 estimated interviews, $24.50 per interview*

Total: $

* 20 scheduled interviews per job on average

“The immersive virtual experience provided an unparalleled virtual experience. Our interactions with a myriad of exceptionally talented candidates from diverse ethnicity, genders, and cultural backgrounds. The overwhelming turnout showcased the JobFairX’s commitment to cultivating an inclusive and diverse workforce, leaving me thoroughly impressed."

Justin I, Senior Recruiter

Royal Staffing Group

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