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Why Host a Virtual Hiring Event?

Connect with top talent using our AI candidate matching. Tailor your event details to fit your needs - choose date, duration, and event name. Streamline candidate screening and interview scheduling effortlessly. Boost efficiency, cut costs, and enhance your employer brand.

Immersive Experience

Top Features of the JobFairX Virtual Hiring Event Solution

Here's a look at the features that have powered some of the most successful virtual hiring events out there.

Advertise open roles with AI candidate smart matchmaking

Simplify the application process for candidates by highlighting your openings. Our AI candidate smart matching system will pair qualified candidates with available positions.


Screening requirements that filter top applicants

Our advanced screening tools give you the power to set precise requirements and filters, ensuring that only the qualified candidates make it through.

Screening Screening

Automate candidate screening and interview scheduling

Our platform automates interview scheduling, allowing candidates to choose their interview slots, answer screening questions, and receive instant confirmation.

Screening Screening

Make sure people show up

By scheduling virtual interviews on JobFairX, both you and your candidate receive automated reminders to keep you on time. That means fewer no shows for you.


Video & audio interviews with candidates

Meet with candidates and conduct interviews right within the JobFairX platform.

Eliminate Barriers

Your event performance all-in-one place

Access a comprehensive overview of your event data, including the number of interviews conducted, notes taken, and interview disposition data.


Benefits of the JobFairX virtual hiring platform


Eliminate venue setup, event marketing, & travel costs.

Attract talent

Reach talent searching JobFairX, DiversityX, MilitaryX, HealthcareX, TechnologyX and our Trusted Media Network.

Automate tasks

Engage candidates throughout, with automated screening, scheduling, messages, and reminders.

Reach your goals

Meet candidates virtually, conduct interviews, and even make hires on the spot.

The premier platform for virtual hiring events

Explore our virtual hiring event demo and see how JobFairX can connect you with top-tier talent.

Launch your hiring event in minutes

Set up your event with a few clicks, while JobFairX takes care of event and job promotion.

Set up

Select a date and time for your virtual hiring event.

Post Jobs & Automate Tasks

Attract top talent and automate your candidate selection process.


Effortlessly expand your event's reach by publishing it on our platform.

Pricing options

Cost based on the number of jobs you want to promote. No Hidden Fees.


What our customers are saying

See how JobFairX customers have hosted successful hiring events.

"I recently used JobFairX to host a hiring event, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The platform was user-friendly, efficient, and helped me connect with a pool of highly qualified candidates effortlessly. JobFairX made the entire process seamless, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to streamline their hiring events."

Sharon C

Senior Recruiter

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